Capture the Magic…not just of Disneyland but also for future generations!  Give generously to PLANET AEF to support the industry that has given so much to you.  Can we count on your support?
Choose from exciting, one-of-a-kind items, like the Cult Winemasters VIP Access—letting you experience private chauffeured VIP tours at top-rated vineyards . Or how about a getaway weekend in locations all over the country?
Plus, stick around for the iPad mini drawing at the end of the auction*. 

PLANET AEF would like to recognize those are helping to us surpass our 2014 auction fundraising goal:

Event Sponsor:



Jim McCutcheon, HighGrove Partners

Donated packages and items

Ceibass Venture Partners, Tom Fochtman
John Deere, Ken Taylor
STIHL, Inc., Roger Phelps
PLANET Events Department

No auction is a success without bidders.  Thank you for your generous offers and participation.  

Winning Bidders

Bruce Wilson
Kristen Fefes
Bliss Nicholson
Bart Poulin
Gerry Bower
Ronald Sikkema
Dougles Delano
Miles Kuperus
Bob Grover
Chris Joyce
Shayne Newman
Roger Phelps
Glenn & Melissa Jacobsen
Jim & Erin McCutcheon
Robert & Christine Marzilli
Joe Kujawa