State or Regional Association Ambassadorship

Any state or regional association may set up an ambassadorship within PLANET AEF for every $25,000 paid in full. For every $25,000.00 paid in donations to the PLANET AEF, the state will be given a $1,000.00 annual scholarship in perpetuity.

The State Ambassador will establish the criteria for their scholarship and will provide this information to the PLANET AEF Board. In addition, State Ambassador will be able to decide the amount of their scholarships and how many scholarships they will give out. State Ambassadors will be able to choose the schools within their States that will be recognized to receive scholarships even if not recognized by PLANET's Accreditation Program or do not attend PLANET's Student Career Days event. Each State will market their scholarship program within their own state and may even establish Ambassadorships within their own State.

The PLANET AEF is pleased to announce that the Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado have partnered with PLANET AEF, thereby making it the second state association, alongside Ohio Nursery & Landscape Association.