Since it’s inception in 1998, the PLANET Academic Educational Foundation (PLANET AEF) has generously rewarded students whose schools have been actively involved in PLANET.  If you are enrolled in landscape contracting and/or horticultural programs at two-year and four-year colleges and universities that are associated with PLANET though one of the follow affiliations you are encouraged to apply:


PLANET Accredited Programs 
PLANET Student Chapter Members

Scholarships are awarded in the following categories on an annual basis in March at 
PLANET’s Student Career Days event:

President’s Scholarship - $3000

Platinum Ambassador Scholarships - $2500/ each

Ambassador Scholarships - $1000/ each

PLANET AEF Scholarships - $1000/ each

Student Career Days Superstars

                First Place - $1500

                Second Place - $1000

                Third Place - $500


The Scholarship Application is Closed for 2014.  Please Consider Applying Next September.


Privacy Policy

All scholarship application data is confidential and will not be revealed to any donors or third party beyond the name and school of the scholarship recipient.

For additional information on the PLANET AEF scholarship process, contact