What is PLANET’s Academic Educational Foundation (PLANET AEF)?
PLANET AEF is a $3.8 million non-profit foundation that provides academic scholarships to promising students aspiring to be landscape industry professionals. Since its inception, PLANET AEF has provided scholarships for 792 students totaling more than $816,600.


What Does PLANET AEF Do?
Each year PLANET AEF awards scholarships to students who are enrolled in landscape contracting and/or horticulture programs at two-year or four-year colleges and universities that are associated with PLANET.


PLANET AEF also gives out the Outstanding Educator of the Year Award which recognizes professors who have made significant contributions to landscape industry education. Educators nominated for this award have devoted time, energy, and enthusiasm to their programs and to the education of future leaders of the industry.


How is PLANET AEF funded?
PLANET AEF is supported by contributions from individuals, companies, and state associations.  Donations to the 501(c)3 foundation are tax-deductible. Contributions at any level are encouraged, though many companies have donated at the $25,000 Ambassador level and the $50,000 Platinum Ambassador level which gives them the opportunity to define the criteria for their “named” scholarship which is awarded each year at PLANET’s Student Career Days.